Teeth Whitening

Teeth darken naturally over the years from exposure to stain-causing foods and beverages. At Sage Dentistry, Dr. Kimes recommends two teeth whitening options to restore your bright white smile– Zoom In-Office Whitening and Home Whitening with custom trays. (see video below for home whitening procedure)

In Office Zoom Whitening

The Zoom whitening procedure is performed in one visit at our office and offers excellent immediate results. On average, teeth can be whitened six to ten shades lighter with the Zoom procedure. If you are looking to brighten your smile, your doctor will evaluate your teeth to determine if in-office whitening is right for you.

Zoom WhiteningAt your Zoom whitening appointment, your teeth will be isolated and a special whitening gel will be applied. The Zoom LED light is then focused on your teeth for fifteen minutes while you relax. During this time, the Zoom solution reacts with the light to release oxygen molecules. These oxygen molecules penetrate the teeth and flush out the stains. This step may be repeated up to four times until your desired level of whitening is achieved.

After you see your bright new smile, you will be given post-operative instructions on caring for your teeth, how to relieve any sensitivity after the Zoom procedure, and how to avoid stains in the future. At your Zoom visit, you will also be fitted for custom whitening trays to allow you to touch up your Zoom results at home.

Home Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Home Whitening is an alternative option to achieve beautiful white teeth and has the advantage of being convenient and effective. At Sage Dentistry, home whitening includes fabrication of custom-fitted trays and professional strength whitening gel, which together produce brighter and longer lasting results than over-the-counter home whitening. Home whitening prescribed by your doctor can lighten teeth from stains by coffee, tea, wine, and other sources.

At your first visit, impressions of your teeth are made so that we can create trays that fit your teeth tightly. At your next visit we try in your trays to ensure a custom fit, give you the professional whitening gel, and demonstrate how to use the trays properly at home.

At home you will apply the gel to the front of the trays and then fit the trays to your upper and lower teeth. If the gel gets on your gums, you can simply wipe it off with a tissue. Depending on the amount of whitening needed you will wear your trays for either an hour a day, or overnight. You will achieve whiter, brighter teeth in one to two weeks.

Whitening your teeth is a safe and conservative way to enhance your smile. Our doctors at Sage Dentistry are proud to offer both in-office Zoom and home whitening to help you achieve beautiful results. Contact us if you have questions about which option is right for you.

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