Cosmetic Bonding

At Sage Dentistry, we want you to have the most beautiful smile possible. If you have broken or stained teeth, or have spacing between your teeth, we may be able to restore those imperfections with Cosmetic Bonding. Cosmetic bonding is a tooth-colored composite restoration that offers a conservative, natural solution to minor flaws in your smile. This restorative option is especially beneficial to treat younger patients with small or chipped teeth until they are finished growing and ready for porcelain restorations.

Dr. Kimes will first discuss your concerns and review their recommendations for cosmetic bonding. Since composite restorations do not whiten, we will often suggest whitening your teeth before proceeding with cosmetic bonding. At your treatment visit, your doctor will clean the tooth or teeth to be bonded in order to remove any surface stains and plaque. After choosing the shade of resin that matches your natural teeth, she will apply an etchant and adhesive to provide the foundation for a strong bond between the tooth and resin. The composite resin material is applied to your tooth in layers to achieve the correct shape and length, and then it is polished to a beautiful shine.

If you are looking to make changes to your smile, our doctors at Sage Dentistry encourage you to consider cosmetic bonding. It is a conservative way to enhance your smile, and with proper care can last many years. Dr. Kimes wants you to be confident in your smile, and cosmetic bonding might the perfect solution to give you beautiful results.