Dental Crowns

When your tooth is severely weakened by decay or a fracture, a full coverage Dental Crown is an excellent restorative option. Crowns are also used to cover discolored or badly shaped teeth and to restore implants where a tooth had previously been lost. At Sage Dentistry, Dr. Kimes works with highly skilled ceramists who create aesthetic and natural crowns that match the shape, function, and color of your other teeth. porcelain crownsRestoring a tooth with a crown is a two-visit procedure. At your first appointment, your doctor will prepare your tooth for the crown by removing decayed tooth structure and old restorations. When a large portion of tooth structure is missing, there may not be enough stable tooth structure remaining to support the crown, therefore a build-up may be necessary to replace the missing portion of tooth. This procedure is completed using local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable and have a pain free experience. Once the tooth is ready to receive a Dental Crown, an impression is taken. This impression is sent off to the lab so that a crown can be crafted to match your tooth’s shape and your natural bite. The ceramist will also match your tooth’s natural color when designing your crown. A custom temporary crown will be cemented on your tooth before you are dismissed from your appointment. The temporary crown protects your tooth structure from temperature changes when eating or drinking and from being exposed to the bacteria in your mouth. It also serves an important function of maintaining the space available for your new crown. On your second visit to Sage Dentistry your doctor will place your new crown onto your tooth, an x-ray will be taken to confirm the crown fits properly, and the crown will then be cemented into place. This procedure is generally performed without use of local anesthetic, but it can be used if the tooth is sensitive. Dr. Kimes believes All-Porcelain Dental Crowns are a wonderful choice for many patients because they have the beautiful translucency of natural teeth, are very durable, and contain no metal. This makes them a great choice to restore and perfect your smile. For patients that have a heavy bite, or posterior teeth with short height, our doctors may recommend either a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown or a full gold crown as your final restoration. Your specific needs will always be discussed with you when planning your crown, and the best restoration for your specific tooth will be recommended. Contact Sage Dentistry to discuss any questions you may have about Dental Crowns.