Carifree Treatment

Cavities, or dental caries, are the most common chronic disease in children and plague many patients through adulthood. At Sage Dentistry, prevention of cavities is just as important as treatment of cavities. New research shows that many patients who maintain excellent oral hygiene can still get tooth decay, and this is largely due to having a high level of decay-causing bacteria in the oral environment. This harmful bacteria thrives in an acidic oral environment and is independent of plaque being present. The Carifree Test was developed to measure your susceptibility to tooth decay.

To perform the test, your doctor takes a swab of your teeth and inserts it into a monitor to interpret the magnitude of caries-causing bacteria in your mouth. A high level of this bacteria indicates the presence of an acidic, or lower pH, environment, which also increases your chances of tooth decay. Dr. Kimes recommends the Carifree Treatment Kit to high-risk patients. The kit includes toothpaste and mouth rinse that aim to both kill the destructive bacteria and help offset the acidic pH in the mouth. After completion of treatment, your doctor will perform the test again to determine its effectiveness.

One treatment cycle may be enough to destroy the bacteria in your mouth and to protect your oral health from cavities. Since decay-causing bacteria can be easily passed among family members, Dr. Kimes recommends high-risk patients bring their family members for an evaluation as well. The Carifree Treatment can even be used on children and will help to promote good oral health in your entire family.

The test is painless and takes only a few minutes. The Carifree Treatment is one of the most effective and easy methods your doctor has to combat cavities and prevent future oral health issues. Contact Sage Dentistry today and learn how this easy treatment can help prevent future cavities and preserve your beautiful smile.